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Is your company working with IEEE-802.15.4 protocol technologies (e.g., ZigBee, ISA100.11a, etc.)? If so, NTS-AT can help you in the testing of your wireless radio (PHY/MAC layers). get your products certified. IEEE-802.215.4 is a standard developed to provide reliable, cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networking products. It’s most easily recognized as the physical (PHY) and media access control (MAC) layers for ZigBee, ISA100.11a, and other specifications.

Since all ZigBee products must be based on conformant IEEE-802.15.4 devices, NTS-AT has been authorized by the ZigBee Alliance to qualify 802.15.4 PHY and MAC components for use with compliant platforms. In addition, NTS-AT has experience in the testing of 802.15.4 products for ISA100.11a as well. The test team at NTS-AT has built a Tx/Rx analyzer (NTS-AT ZigTest) that enables execution of the ZigBee-based 802.15.4 qualification tests. All radios that successfully pass the 802.15.4 test at NTS-AT are submitted to the ZigBee Alliance for recognition as qualified to be used for implementation in ZigBee platforms and end-devices.

NTS-AT utilizes in-depth analysis of 802.15.4 transmission during the qualification of devices for ZigBee qualification. Our PHY layer analysis includes such tests as Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), symbol rate, carrier accuracy, etc. Using a Specification Description Language (SDL) model for 802.15.4 protocol that is directly related to Protocol Implementation Compliance Statements (PICS), NTS-AT is able to systematically determine compliance to the protocol standard. A similar development approach was taken for the generation of the ZigBee MAC tests by NTS-AT. Using Message Sequence Charts (MSCs) produced by the SDL model, NTS-AT engineers have developed a comprehensive MAC suite that verifies framing, timing, sequencing, and all other aspects of the MAC layer for ZigBee. The result of these efforts is a complete turn-key qualification solution for 802.15.4 manufacturers that require qualification of their devices for conformance to IEEE standard.

NTS-AT performs ZigBee MAC, PHY, ZCP, MSP, and other profile testing (Smart Energy, Home Automation, and RF4CE, among others), and upon successful completion, delivers the Statements of Qualification (for IEEE-802.15.4) and Compliance (for ZigBee stack) to the ZigBee Alliance who then provide certification after an audit of the test results. In addition, we also have created test tools to allow manufacturers to pre-test their devices before they submit them for certification

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